Product Sheet S5+

Download Stringo S5 PLUS product sheet


Using the S5, automotive professionals production operators can manoeuvre the vehicle in full confidence and place it in where it needs to go without safety risk or damage. Since it’s all electric, no emissions are introduced into the work environment.

And with the PLUS upgraded front-section, this robust model is equipped with bogie wheels and designed for high-frequency use and long-distance moving. This powerful machine enables you to smoothly ride over obstacles or transitions that come in your way—without losing speed or precision.

  • Steer-by-wire
    Our steering communication delivers high maneuverability in tight spaces, ergonomics for the operator and overall safety.

  • AGV Ready
    CAN bus architecture allows multiple systems and technologies to use the Stringo S5 control system for remote moving, AGV and other software solutions.

  • Smart Service Access
    The whole internal compartment is easily accessible panels to ease maintenance.