Four-wheel vehicle moving – a key part of making your automotive business EV-ready

As the automotive industry shifts from ICE to EV production, how is this affecting how cars are moved at your facilities when driving isn’t an option? 


From car manufacturers and testing centres to dealers and storage facilities: automotive businesses are struggling with the challenge of moving electric vehicles safely and efficiently with all wheels locked. But the EV shift isn’t the only driver behind the increased demand for four-wheel vehicle moving (4WM) solutions. Our e-book explores the topic from both an operational and a business perspective, with a strong focus on innovation and safety.

Download the e-book to learn more about

  • Why the demand for four-wheel vehicle moving is increasing
  • Common situations that require four-wheel vehicle moving equipment
  • EV testing safety: an expert’s view on the main challenges 
  • How to evaluate your needs and choose the right 4WM tool